Alien Expedition Fund With Users’ Money? Cardano Founder Denies Accusations

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently got entangled in debate after sharing snapshots of his expedition to the ocean in search of an interstellar meteor. The snapshots from his search for the interstellar meteor brought mixed reactions from the crypto community, with some claiming Hoskinson was harming Cardano and ADA  deployment.

A critic responded to his post with a sarcastic remark, suggesting Hoskinson was spending others’ money, prompting the entrepreneur to defend himself in a series of tweets.

Hoskinson’s Defense

The commentator jested the Cardano founder in his comment, saying: “Hey everybody, check out how I’m spending your money.” And Hoskinson, offended by the jest, rebuked the fellow for implying that his money belonged to his followers. 

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Hoskinson’s response:

Also, somehow my own money is theirs? What kind of weirdo communist land is this? 

Another crypto community member @CryptoBlade23, responded to the jester, defending Hoskinson. He said being outdoors and healthy benefits the entrepreneur’s creativity more than sitting behind a desk. CryptoBlade also rebuked the critic for assuming that Hoskinson didn’t have his one money.

The argument escalated further, with the Cardano founder vigorously clarifying his stance. Hoskinson said he owed the fellow nothing since he never had any business with him. The Cardano founder wrote several tweets explaining Carnado’s nature and operating mechanisms, including its decentralized structure. 

Hoskinson explained that the primary focus of his company, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), was software development and protocol implementation. He also emphasized that IOHK does not engage in market manipulation. “We aren’t here to make the price of ADA go up. That’s not our place or role,” he added. 

ADAUSD price chart
Cardano’s price currently hovers around $0.2940 in the daily chart. | Source: ADAUSD price chart from TradingView.com

Another Twitter user named CryptoJuncky commented on Hoskinson’s tweet about his expedition. The user said Hoskinson is “looking for aliens” while Polkadot is building stuff and evolving. “That’s why I’d rather invest in DOT than in ADA,” he added.

In response, Hoskinson wrote: “The stupidity of Twitter never ceases to amaze me.”

Hoskinson’s Pacific Ocean Expedition

It bears mentioning that Charles Hoskinson is a Mathematician, billionaire, and an Ethereum co-founder who left to create his own blockchain and software development company, IOHK and Cardano. Hoskinson has other interests besides blockchain and crypto, and he runs a restaurant and an anti-aging hospital that accepts ADA as payment. 

Hoskinson recently joined an expedition to the ocean to find an interstellar meteor. The Cardano founder took to Twitter on June 17 to share details of the search expedition while commenting on an article about Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb’s hunt for the interstellar object that crashed in the ocean.

Commenting on the post, Hoskinson wrote: “Wire and some aluminum. Plenty of grounds to cover, and we haven’t even broken out the sluice sled yet.” 

Featured image from Pixabay and chart from TradingView.com

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