DeFi Protocol BlockGuard Secures Equity Partnership with Pixelette Technologies

As a DeFi protocol, BlockGuard aims to revolutionize risk management in the Web3 economy by enhancing accessibility, transparency, and efficiency for investors worldwide. 

BlockGuard, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol offering blockchain-driven financial services, has entered into an equity partnership with Pixelette Technologies, an artificial intelligence and IT-focused company based in the United Kingdom.

According to a shared press release, both companies will leverage their expertise and resources to enhance their business operations through this collaboration.

Pixelette Acquires 5% Equity in BlockGuard

Under the terms of the partnership, BlockGuard will transfer 5% of its stakes to Pixelette. In return, the IT-focused company will provide its developmental solutions and assist BlockGuard in building its proposed tokenized gold system.

Additionally, Pixelette will ensure the successful creation of BlockGuard’s native protocol, BlockGuard Network, with a focus on improving security and user experience.

“Happy New Year! As we enter 2024, we are excited to extend a warm welcome to BlockGuard from our entire team at Pixelette Technologies. We are thrilled to partner with the team on the innovative BlockGuard Network project and are committed to providing top-tier development solutions to bring their vision to life,” said Asif Ashiq Rana, founder of Pixelette.

The deal will also see Rana join BlockGuard’s executive board as an advisor. The Pixelette’s founder also serves as the company’s CEO and is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs), advising the British government on artificial intelligence-related matters.

APPGs are parliamentary groups in the United Kingdom consisting of Members of Parliament (MPs) and members of the House of Lords from different political parties.

Apart from overseeing Pixellete, Rana concurrently holds the role of Managing Director at the award-winning think tank Big Innovation Centre (BIC). He has made significant contributions towards bringing pioneering technologies to the market, including blockchain, AI, metaverse, and digital finance.

The Pixellete’s founder and CEO is expected to leverage his business expertise to assist BlockGuard in establishing its footprint in the industry.

Huge Milestone for BlockGuard

As a DeFi protocol, BlockGuard aims to revolutionize risk management in the Web3 economy by enhancing accessibility, transparency, and efficiency for investors worldwide.

The platform provides various wealth management services using a strategy geared towards long-term asset growth and prioritizing stability over artificially inflated APY figures. These include curated funds and a portfolio builder.

The company’s CEO Anthony Bevan described its partnership with Pixellete as a “huge milestone” that would help BlockGuard achieve its goals for the decentralized finance sector.

“Pixellete’s diverse portfolio of AI and blockchain companies reflects its commitment to fostering innovation and exploring the world of technology. Concluding this agreement is a huge milestone for BlockGuard as we look to build on our DeFi vision in 2024 and beyond,” said Bevan.

With a client list of governments, big corporate institutions, and startups, Pixellete only invests in companies with revolutionary potential, like BlockGuard. The collaboration between BlockGuard and Pixelette Technologies is poised to shape the future landscape of decentralized finance in 2024 and beyond.


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