Ethereum Insider Accuses Founder Of ‘Deleting History’, What Does He Mean?

Ethereum Insider Steven Nerayoff has once again leveled some accusations against Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin. This time, Vitalik is accused of “deleting history,” amongst other things. 

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Covering His Tracks?

Nerayoff stated in an X (formerly Twitter) post how the Ethereum co-founder was deleting history and remaining silent in the face of serious allegations. His comment seemed to suggest that Vitalik was trying to cover his tracks as he noted how Vitalik’s private Facebook account had now been deleted. 

The former Ethereum advisor highlighted how he and Vitalik were friends on the social media platform despite the Ethereum founder “lying” that they had only met a few times. Nerayoff also mentioned hearing rumors that Vitalik had deleted certain posts on the X platform. Interestingly, he added that Vitalik was “purging” ETH’s on-chain history. 

When another X user raised the possibility of data on the blockchain being deleted or altered, Nerayoff responded and alleged that Ethereum isn’t a decentralized blockchain. According to him, it is probably better to call the network “a database with a back door.” 

Meanwhile, he also hinted that Vitalik was ready in case he got into any legal troubles, stating that the Ethereum founder had already gotten a Montenegro passport. The country happens to be one of the foremost non-extradition countries. 

Nerayoff had previously mentioned how he was going to expose certain criminals, with Vitalik possibly being one of them. 

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Nerayoff Suggests There Is More To Come

Steven Nerayoff stated in another X post that he still has “plenty of ammunition left,” hinting that there were still more revelations to come. In fact, “the big bombs haven’t even hit yet,” he further remarked. He once again alleged that they tried to silence him by discrediting and imprisoning him because of all these secrets that he holds. 

This was a “big mistake,” in Nerayoff’s opinion, as this only helped him uncover so much more while “fighting and winning against the Feds.” The Department of Justice (DOJ) had charged the former Ethereum advisor with extortion charges, which he pleaded not guilty to. These charges were eventually dropped in May last year due to a lack of concrete proof. 

Meanwhile, Nerayoff has revealed that he had no idea of what was going on in relation to the irregularities that had earlier occurred in the Ethereum ecosystem. He said that they (possibly ETH’s founders) never kept him in the loop of their activities because they knew he couldn’t be “bought.”

He also mentioned how he left Joe Lubin after starting ConsenSys because he thought that the Ethereum co-founder was a “sociopath.”  

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