Google Gives Its Blessing To Spot Bitcoin ETFs With Approval Of Ads – Details

The introduction of Spot Bitcoin ETFs was projected as being able to help drive mainstream adoption of Bitcoin. That looks to be happening already as the foremost search engine, Google, is set to allow funds like those to get advertised to every household in the United States. 

Google To Allow Advertisement of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

In an update to its advertising policy, Google stated that issuers offering “cryptocurrency coin trusts” will be allowed to advertise their products and services beginning from January 29. This opens the door for issuers like BlackRock to advertise their Spot Bitcoin ETFs. However, they must first be certified by Google before they can be allowed to roll out their ads. 

Further specifying what they mean by “Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts,” Google noted that this includes financial products that “allow investors to trade shares in trusts holding large pools of digital currency.” That means that other crypto-related funds besides the Spot Bitcoin ETFs can be advertised to the US populace

This is undoubtedly a welcome development for the crypto community since the search engine had, at one point, moved to ban crypto-related advertising. Meanwhile, considering Google’s reach, this can further help drive crypto adoption in the United States. 

BTC price chart from Tradingview.com (Bitcoin Spot ETF)

BTC price clears $40,700 | Source: BTCUSD on Tradingview.com


Spot BTC ETF Issuers Ramping Up Their Marketing Efforts

BlackRock is set to host an education webinar on January 26 on how to get access to Bitcoin through its Spot Bitcoin ETF. This forms part of the marketing campaign that the world’s asset manager has launched to attract more customers to its fund. These efforts already seem to be paying up considering that BlackRock has seen the most inflows since Bitcoin ETFs launched.

Other issuers are also looking to take a huge chunk of the market and continue to devise different means to achieve this. Bitwise recently became the first among the pack to publish the BTC address of its holdings in a move to promote transparency, although it is also like a marketing strategy to build trust. 

Before now, Bitwise had released a commercial to promote its fund. Interestingly, the advertisement featured prominent American actor Jonathan Goldsmith, who played the ‘Most Interesting Man In The World Character’ in a commercial for Dos Equis. Bitwise has also pledged to donate 10% of its profit from the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF to three non-profit organizations that fund Bitcoin open-source development. 

Franklin Templeton, another Spot Bitcoin ETF issuer, also recently took to time to socialize with the crypto community on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. On January 17, the asset manager put out a series of crypto-related X posts and even went as far as using memes to show their excitement about being involved in the crypto space.

Featured image from VOI, chart from Tradingview.com

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