Instagram Reportedly Working on AI Chatbot to Make Chats More Fun and Engaging

While screenshots show that the work is in progress, there is no official confirmation from Instagram on whether there will be an AI chatbot.

Images released by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi have pointed to the fact that Instagram may be working on releasing an AI chatbot. Artificial intelligence chatbots are already popping up, and it is only a matter of time before more social media platforms like Instagram work on theirs. Already, Snapchat has launched its “My AI” chatbot that acts like a friend. Although, the chatbot, which is powered by Open AI’s GPT technology, has been tagged as lacking appropriate age-gating features. In addition, the social media service provider recently rolled out its paywalled My AI Snaps feature that allows generated AI images.

With the alleged chatbot, Instagram is now about to take a big step into the AI space. Paluzzi posted some images showing that Instagram has an AI chatbot in the works. He added that the AI agents will be able to give advice and answer questions. The researcher, who is also a mobile developer and reverse engineer, noted that Instagram wants to introduce an AI chatbot to make chats more fun and engaging. Also, he added that users will have up to 30 different personalities to choose from.

Instagram Could Release an AI Chatbot

In addition to answering questions, giving advice, and having 30 personalities, Instagram AI agents can inspire users’ creativity. It can help with writing messages. In one of the images, it appears that Instagram users can bring the AI chatbot into an ongoing conversation with a person by mentioning it.

While screenshots show that the work is in progress, there is no official confirmation from Instagram on whether there will be an AI chatbot. Notably, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote about bringing together teams working on generative AI a few months ago. In February, the chief executive officer noted that the company would focus on building creative and expressive tools. Zuckerberg added that the team will “focus on developing AI personas that can help people in a variety of ways.” At the time, he also said there would be much groundwork towards the future plans. Perhaps, the foundational work has indeed begun, as Paluzzi stated.

For now, there is no certainty on the AI tools Instagram would use for its chatbot. However, its parent company, Meta, has been using generative AI tools over time. The tech giant has used the tools in some of its businesses, such as ad sales.

The AI chatbot news hit the market following leaked information about Instagram working on a Twitter clone. Reports say the text-based app, with the code name Barcelona, will be a stand-alone app that integrates Instagram. All fingers are crossed in anticipation, as the news is that Barcelona is due this summer.


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