Moon App Introduces $APP Staking for IDOs in Injective Ecosystem

The countdown has commenced for $APP staking in the $INJ Ecosystem IDOs via Moon App, the innovative mobile launchpad hosting prominent projects in the Injective Ecosystem.

In a highly anticipated development, Moon App, serving as the Layer0 + Launchpad of Injective, will initiate $APP staking for participation in the $INJ ecosystem Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). Staking for this exclusive opportunity shall commence this Friday at 10 am UTC.

Furthermore, the countdown for $APP staking within the $INJ Ecosystem IDOs has officially begun. Functioning as the pioneering mobile launchpad app, Moon App hosts IDOs for distinguished projects within the Injective Ecosystem. This groundbreaking platform also allows users to secure allocations of promising $INJ ecosystem tokens before they are listed on conventional exchanges.

To partake in these IDOs, individuals must stake $APP tokens. Besides, the amount of $APP staked directly correlates with the chances of securing an allocation in IDOs, offering participants varying tiers based on their staking commitment.

$APP Staking Tiers for Injective Ecosystem IDOs

The $APP staking tiers are structured to cater to diverse levels of commitment, providing participants with a range of options based on their staking quantities. Here is an overview of the tiers and associated benefits:

  • Tier 1 | 7500 $APP Staked: Maximum 1 Lottery Ticket per IDO.
  • Tier 2 | 30,000 $APP Staked: Maximum 4 Lottery Tickets per IDO.
  • Tier 3 | 75,000 $APP Staked: Maximum 10 Lottery Tickets per IDO.
  • Tier 4 | 150,000 $APP Staked: Maximum 25 Lottery Tickets per IDO.
  • Tier 5 | 300,000 $APP Staked: Maximum 35 Lottery Tickets per IDO.

This innovative staking system not only provides users with the opportunity to participate in exclusive IDOs but also offers varying levels of engagement based on their commitment to the $APP staking tiers. Thus, the launch of $APP staking on Friday marks a significant milestone in the Moon App’s mission to bring mobile accessibility to the forefront of the crypto launchpad experience.

About the Moon App

In a remarkable stride towards accessibility and functionality in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, Moon App has swiftly grown to amass over 250,000 users, establishing itself as a prominent launchpad app built on the Injective protocol.

Moon App stands out as a comprehensive on-chain ecosystem, seamlessly integrating a launchpad along with tools for Minimum Extractable Value (MEV), sniping, and on-chain limit orders. The app is designed to cater to users’ diverse needs within the DeFi landscape.

Key Features of Moon App:

  1. Keyless Access: Moon App offers easy, non-custodial crypto access to users worldwide, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.
  2. Toolkits for DeFi: Users can access all DeFi functions with a simple click of a button, providing a user-friendly interface for various decentralized financial operations.
  3. Advanced Functionality: The app goes beyond basic features, offering advanced capabilities such as MEV, trading, and even options trading, all within a single application.

$APP – Native Utility Token

$APP serves as the native utility token of Moon App, enhancing the overall user experience within the app.

Innovative Governance and Rewards Mechanisms:

  1. Buy Backs: $APP stakers hold the power to vote on utilizing app fees for buying back APP tokens generated through fees.
  2. $APP Burn: Stakers also have the authority to vote on using app fees to burn APP tokens acquired via buy-backs, contributing to tokenomics.
  3. Staking Yield: Stakers can also participate in governance by voting to distribute $APP as a staking yield, adding an additional layer of engagement.
  4. APP Staker Jackpot: By staking $APP, users become eligible for the Jackpot lottery, occurring every 20 hours, offering an exciting opportunity for additional rewards.
  5. Automated Portfolio: $APP holders have the option to automate yield generation through on-chain trading bots. These bots can further perform various tasks, including sandwiching on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), sniping presales, participating in liquidity pools, and more.

The Moon App’s multifaceted approach, coupled with innovative governance and rewarding mechanisms, positions it as a dynamic force in the evolving landscape of decentralized applications (dApps) on Injective.


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