NEAR Data Availability Integrates with Polygon CDK for Ethereum Scaling

By leveraging NEAR DA, Polygon developers can enjoy substantial reductions in data availability costs, enhancing the overall efficiency of their rollups.

The collaboration between the NEAR Foundation and Polygon Labs marks an important milestone in Ethereum scaling. By integrating NEAR Data Availability (NEAR DA) with Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), developers using Polygon CDK now have access to NEAR DA’s efficient and highly scalable data availability layer.

NEAR DA plays a crucial role in simplifying Ethereum rollup networks, reducing costs, and ensuring high scalability. It provides rollup builders with a reliable and efficient data availability solution, allowing them to focus on their core transaction logic. With Polygon CDK, developers can create customized Layer 2 chains using zero-knowledge (ZK) technology while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum.

The integration of NEAR DA with Polygon CDK brings significant benefits to rollup builders. Developers can enjoy substantial reductions in data availability costs, enhancing the overall efficiency of their rollups. It empowers developers using Polygon Chain Development Kit to adopt NEAR’s solution as an important component in their modular data availability solutions.

Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol expressing his thoughts about the collaboration said:

“We’re excited to make NEAR DA available to Polygon CDK rollup builders and share the benefits of cost-effective, lightning-fast data availability that scales with NEAR’s sharding for the modular Ethereum ecosystem. This is another exciting collaboration between NEAR Foundation and Polygon Labs to drive Chain Abstraction and create better experiences for developers and users.”

The comparison of calldata costs between NEAR DA and Ethereum Layer 1 also shows the significant advantages of utilizing NEAR’s solution. When considering the price for 231 kB of calldata, NEAR proves to be a far more cost-effective option. This substantial difference in cost presents an exciting opportunity for developers to achieve substantial savings while maintaining the high level of security provided by the Ethereum network. The lower cost of calldata on NEAR enables developers to allocate their resources more efficiently, whether it be for building new applications or expanding existing ones.

Driving Future Scaling with Open Collaboration

Moreover, the integration opens up opportunities for developers to build their own rollups to become part of the Polygon ecosystem. This expands the range of options available for scalable data availability solutions.

The collaboration between NEAR and Polygon also builds upon their joint research efforts, focusing on the development of zkWASM technology. This technology enables interoperability between the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (WASM) ecosystems, paving the way for enhanced scalability and multi-chain compatibility.

For teams interested in integrating NEAR DA into their projects, an opportunity awaits as they can now explore its numerous benefits and possibilities by making their proposals. This collaboration also signifies a significant step forward in the quest for Ethereum scaling and empowers developers to build innovative solutions with enhanced data availability, scalability, and at a reduced cost.


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