Planetarium Labs Unveils ‘Prelude to Guild War’ Event as Future of Nine Chronicles M

While the ‘Prelude to Guild War’ serves as a pilot event, it marks a crucial chapter in Nine Chronicles M’s journey into the realms of Web3 gaming.

Planetarium Labs, the team behind the blockchain-based RPG Nine Chronicles M, has unveiled the ‘Prelude to Guild War’ event, marking a notable milestone in the evolution of Web3 gaming.

This event, set to debut with Heimdall Arena Season 3, not only underscores the competitive spirit of Web3 gamers but also serves as a preview of the eagerly awaited official Guild content rollout.

The ‘Prelude to Guild War’ Event

As highlighted in a recent report, a total of 50 Guilds, each comprising 5 to 10 members, have enrolled in this momentous event. These Guilds will battle it out in Heimdall Arena Season 3, competing for the prestigious top-ranking position. The ultimate ranking will be determined by the cumulative Arena points of the leading 5 members from each Guild, with the highest individual Arena ranking serving as the tiebreaker.

Heimdall Arena Season 3 comes with a reward pool of 150,000 NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold), with an additional 200,000 NCG allocated for the ‘Prelude to Guild War.’ NCG, an in-game currency, can be swapped 1:1 with WNCG, the ERC20 token available on various exchanges. Guilds will have the autonomy to decide on the internal distribution of these rewards.

Beyond the competitive aspect, Guilds participating in the event will be able to express their unique identity through slogans and emblems featured on the in-game Arena ranking. This not only fosters a sense of community within each Guild but also allows players to showcase their creativity and distinctiveness in the virtual world of Nine Chronicles M.

JC Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Planetarium Labs highlights the importance of this event, stating:

“The ‘Prelude to Guild War’ event in Heimdall Arena Season 3 is a significant step toward redefining the landscape of Web3 gaming. This initial Guild content reflects our commitment to community-driven innovation and sets the stage for the exciting future of the official Guild content which will feature even more thrilling adventures for the community.”

Nine Chronicles M: A Game-Changer in Web3 Gaming

Nine Chronicles M stands out as the first fully on-chain, open-source RPG game seamlessly integrating blockchain technology with immersive gameplay. Operating on a non-server online role-playing game model, it harnesses the power of blockchain technology, allowing players to truly own their in-game assets.

While the ‘Prelude to Guild War’ serves as a pilot event, it marks a crucial chapter in Nine Chronicles M’s journey into the realms of Web3 gaming. For users who haven’t joined a Guild, various events will provide opportunities to participate in this momentous occasion, fostering a sense of community and healthy competition.

Notably, Planetarium Labs has been at the forefront of developing tools that support decentralized game-building since its establishment in 2018. With a focus on building Web3 gaming communities, the company successfully raised over $32 million in Series A funding in 2022, led by Animoca Brands.

Moreover, the company’s collaboration with Binance Labs and Ubisoft, along with the backing of over 300,000 users, positions Nine Chronicles M as a formidable force in the blockchain gaming space.


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