Scammers pile on to impersonate Worldcoin on Twitter following token launch

Several fake accounts on Twitter — currently rebranding to X — were pushing malicious links to users following the launch of the Worldcoin human identity verification token.

July 24 marked Twitter’s rebrand to the letter “X” as well as the launch of the Worldcoin token. Though the change in brand has had mixed reactions online, the social media platform has not changed its policy of purchasing or applying to display differently colored check marks based on the type of account — a policy that went into effect in December 2022 while Elon Musk was CEO.

Since launching its Twitter account in August 2009 and later receiving a gold check mark for a business, Worldcoin has seen a number of impersonators arise. Though dozens, if not hundreds, of fake Twitter accounts bear Worldcoin’s logo and variations of its name, at least seven at one point showed a blue check mark, requiring the scammer to pay $8 per month.

One of many fake Worldcoin Twitter accounts that had a blue checkmark being being suspended. Source: Twitter

At the time of publication, Twitter had suspended many of these fake accounts impersonating an airdrop for the Worldcoin token onto followers. Many fake accounts created prior to the launch of the Worldcoin token also stepped up the frequency of their tweets since July 24.

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Ironically, the Worldcoin project said it was aimed at distinguishing real people from bots by providing retinal scans for identity verification. The project saw more than 2 million people sign up prior to the official launch, with the goal of getting more than 2 billion, if not the entire world. Since launching the token, Worldcoin co-founder Sam Altman reported a new person was “getting verified every 8 seconds” through iris scans around the world.

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