Taki DAO Announces a Strategic Partnership with Flowdesk to Improve Liquidity for Taki Token on Polygon Network

The Taki token, which helps to incentivize the players using the different Taki games, is available on different blockchains and the partnership with Flowdesk will significantly improve the liquidity.

Taki Games, a fast-growing social gaming network that allows players to earn money, has announced a strategic partnership with crypto market maker Flowdesk, through Taki DAO, to improve the underlying liquidity for the Taki token. According to the announcement, Taki DAO will depend on Flowdesk to provide liquidity for the Taki token on the Polygon (MATIC) network.

Notably, Flowdesk recently closed its Series B funding round with $50 million led by Cathay Innovation and included contributions from Cathay Ledger Fund, Ripple Labs, Eurazeo, ISAI, Speedinvest, and BPI. The decision by Taki DAO to tap on Flowdesk liquidity was ostensibly facilitated by QuickSwap. Furthermore, Flowdesk is also the liquidity provider for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) among other high-profile web3 projects.

“Taki Games is on a mission to bring gaming’s 3B users and $200B in revenues on chain, which means that liquidity is crucial to absorbing increasing sizes of TAKI purchases to power our rewards system. We’re excited to see Flowdesk partner with the TAKI DAO to help make this system more seamless for our users, and to serve as a model for the rest of the gaming industry,” said Taki Games CEO, Weiwei Geng.

The Taki Games has been working to ensure mobile gaming is more immersive and financially rewarding for the global gaming community amid the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Furthermore, the Gamifi industry has been identified as the best candidate to help in the mass adoption of crypto assets and the web3 industry.

Cryptocurrency liquidity is an integral component for enabling mass adoption and lowering the volatility for seamless trading. Moreover, lower liquidity means a single whale can easily manipulate the underlying crypto asset price and significantly benefit from arbitrage trading on different exchanges. With the gaming industry involving small and many small trades, Taki DAO is keen to ensure players get fast trade finality without the risk of bot frontrunning.

Taki Games and Market Outlook

According to the latest market data, the Taki token has risen more than 230 percent since December last year to trade around $0.0174 at the time of this report. The small-cap altcoin with a fully diluted valuation of about $52 million has an average 24-hour trading volume of about $540k, largely contributing to the growing Taki Games portfolio of acquired gaming projects. Having reached a cumulative trading volume of about $13 million in December, the Taki team is confident the liquidity from Flowdesk will scale the figure exponentially in the near future.

Furthermore, the Taki Games team is committed to providing free-to-play games that reward players with the Taki token.


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