Vanguard Calls BTC Immature Asset Class While Rejecting Bitcoin ETFs

Vanguard executives said that the company usually focuses on long-term stability instead of short-term trends as the reason behind rejecting the Bitcoin ETF offering.

While some of the top financial giants have been in the race for Bitcoin ETFs, Vanguard has decided to look the other way. Vanguard decided that they won’t be offering their clients exposure to Bitcoin ETFs since it doesn’t align with their company’s investment philosophy. Interestingly, Vanguard believes Bitcoin to be an immature asset class.

Janel Jackson, Vanguard Global Head of ETF Capital Markets and Broker and Index Relations, said this in a statement during a recent Q&A session. While clarifying the company’s stand on Bitcoin and digital assets, Jackson said:

“While crypto has been classified as a commodity, it’s an immature asset class that has little history, no inherent economic value, no cash flow, and can create havoc within a portfolio.”

She further added that considering the current state of cryptocurrencies, Vanguard is in no mood to offer Bitcoin ETF or other crypto-related investment products. Jackson stated that Vanguard has a rigorous decision-making process in place for new investment products and crypto doesn’t fit the bill at this point.

Despite the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies, Vanguard believes that they still don’t have long-term investment merit. Thus, Vanguard doesn’t consider cryptos to be part of its clients’ long-term investment portfolios.

Vanguard Doesn’t Focus on Short-Term Trends

In the meantime, Andrew Kadjeski, Vanguard’s Head of Brokerage & Investments, stressed that the company’s investor base comprises mainly of long-term, buy-and-hold investors. He emphasized that Vanguard’s product offerings are tailored to align with the preferences of these clients. Despite the simplicity of providing full access to cryptocurrency products, such a move is inconsistent with Vanguard’s commitment to serving the enduring interests of its investor-owners.

Jackson and Kadjeski both focused on Vanguard’s historical approach of prioritizing long-term stability over short-term trends. This is not the first time Vanguard has taken such an approach. Back in the 1990s, Vanguard bucked the trend of investing in Internet funds.

Vanguard Faces Community Backlash

Vanguard’s decision to stay away from crypto funds has drawn strong criticism from the crypto community. The company’s position, centered on traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds, and cash, has caused dissatisfaction among certain clients, especially those who advocate for the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in investment portfolios.

Some industry experts also believe that Vanguard might lose credibility because of their laid-back stand on Bitcoin ETFs. As we know, Vanguard competitors like BlackRock and Fidelity have already opted for crypto investment products.

While Vanguard has been resistant to Bitcoin ETFs, there is speculation among analysts that the company could reconsider its stance in the future. The increasing popularity of digital assets and competition within the market may contribute to a possible change in Vanguard’s position.


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