VIX Versus Bitcoin Chart Hints At Explosive Rally

The VIX is a hot topic across finance at the moment, falling to one of its lowest levels in years. In an unusual look at Bitcoin and its ratio against the VIX, the chart could be hinting at the crypto market being on the cusp of an explosive rally… or massive rejection.

Crypto Market Under Pressure SEC And Ready To Explode

Bitcoin price is falling, and crypto is crumbling under the might of the US SEC. The SEC launched a string of enforcement actions against Binance and Coinbase, and labeled several top altcoins to be securities. The resulting sell pressure and panic has BTC struggling to maintain support.

However, if you switch from your run-of-the-mill BTCUSD chart to BTCUSD versus the VIX, the ratio between the two vastly different measures tells a completely different story than the USD chart.

The chart below highlights that the BTCUSD/VIX ratio shows a strengthening relationship on the BTCUSD side. This makes sense with the Volatility Index falling. In the past, a falling VIX and rising BTCUSD meant a major bullish rally.

bitcoin vix BTCUSD_VIX_2023-06-09_14-43-44

The ratio looks ready for new highs | BTCUSD on TradingView.com

Why VIX Versus Bitcoin Could Mean A Massive Move On The Way

The Volatility Index signals volatility, not necessarily the direction of which the volatility will take price. And it rarely stays low for long. Elevated VIX levels are often associated with fear. Low levels of fear in the market, could eventually support the idea of a further rise in risk assets.

The ratio between BTCUSD and the VIX is also at former all-time high resistance, which failed previously to hold as support. Making it back above the level could give the crypto market the push it needs. Failure to push through resistance at this level could be the result of either failure in BTCUSD or a massive move higher in the VIX. Which will it be?

This chart appeared in issue #7 of CoinChartist VIP alongside a dozen other exclusive crypto charts.

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